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Enhanced Rider Scheme

Anchor Motorcycle Rider Training

DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

If you ride a motorcycle, then why not learn more about riding, stay on top and save money?


Advanced/Defensive Training

Moving on from the Enhanced Rider Scheme, advanced riding courses further enhance road positioning, observation, cornering and introduce a system of riding similar to the IAM/RoSPA methods.



This course is intended for riders who have already passed their test but are retuning to motorcycling after a break or following an accident.


Enhanced Rider Scheme

Statistically, motorcyclists represent less than 1 % of all traffic on the UK's roads but account for 19% of fatalities (DfT 2013).

Not all collisions are attributable to rider mistakes but each and every one of us develops habits, some good but many not so good, which may compromise our safety and therefore the likelihood of being involved in a collision.

The collision statistics relative to motorcyclists would suggest that everyone should at the very least have their riding assessed from time to time, in order to identify any weaknesses as well as to further develop  the positive aspects or their riding. Professional riders, including Emergency Services riders, Driving Vehicle Standards Instructors and Examiners and Commercial Fleet Riders must undergo regular training and assessment in order to maintain a high standard of riding.

Identifying and correcting bad or even dangerous habits and improving concentration, observation and anticipation skills will greatly enhance your overall riding experience.

"What is the difference between the Enhanced Rider Scheme and other Advanced courses offered by organisations such as the I.A.M, R.O.S.P.A. and DIA Diamond?"

These organisations are quality assured by the DVSA in respect of training, testing and achieving the qualification, but may take a considerable amount of time to complete and whilst they are all beneficial in their own right, the Enhanced Rider Scheme can be used as an important step in achieving a recognised rider qualification.