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Enhanced Rider Scheme

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DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

If you ride a motorcycle, then why not learn more about riding, stay on top and save money?

I am a good and skilful rider. Why should I consider further training?

Not all accidents are down to rider error, but we can all pick up bad habits. The accident statistics amongst motorcyclists would indicate that everyone should at least take a health check of their riding ability from time to time.


The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme is a course rather than a formal test, designed to access your riding, reduce risk and generally improve both safety and riding skills/techniques.

Many leading motorcycle insurers offer discounts as they recognise that the scheme provides a rider with the right skills and beliefs to enable him/her to minimise risk and therefore become a safer and more competent rider.

Scheme affiliates are :

AA Insurance, Aviva, Bennett's Insurance, Carole Nash, Chandler Direct, CIA Insurance, Devitt's, Direct Choice Insurance, E Bike, Hastings Direct, MCE Insurance, Lexham, Motorcycle Direct, Express Insurance, Rampdale, Premium Choice and Swinton Insurance.

The above list is correct at 23/01/14 but is subject to change.

Following an assessment of your riding skills, the DVSA Approved Assessor will provide feedback and offer advice where deemed necessary. If no significant weaknesses are identified, than a DVSA Certificate of Competence may be issued.

The duration of the course depends upon your level of achievement and can range from a single day to several days in order to achieve your goals.

If you do have any areas that would benefit from further training, you would still qualify for your certificate after successfully completing the training programme which is developed specifically for you as an individual.